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Reconnecting with my roots
Punk rock and drugs
Sickened by men in suits
Odd looks and shrugs

Irony and hypocrisy
Still a little worker bee
Trying to fight off bureaucracy
A class warrior draftee

Finding beauty in despair
People on their last straw
Deep breaths of poison filled air
Discrimination is a written law

You don't like the view?
Drive fifteen blocks
You can go to the people zoo
The cages have no locks

Jaded in my old age
My old age of twenty two
Quiet and filled with rage
Filled with ideas taboo

Pass me another bottle
Give me another hit
Foot down on the throttle
Listen to more bullshit

Yet my life is not too bad
But that's just one perspective
Despair is just a fad
I'm so fucking introspective

Reexamining my roots
Punk rock and drugs
While sitting with men in suits
Buzzing along with the bugs.
Reexamining my roots.
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Submitted on
November 1, 2013


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