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Do you ever think? Do you ever dream? Do you ever think while sitting there with your new tv? While watching that newest tv show or playing that brand new game? Do you ever think? While you buy your new clothes and drool over that new whatever? Do you ever imagine? Imagine what it would be like without those things? A car. A tv. Some clothes. Some food. Do you ever dream dreams of endless frustration about real world problems and not materialistic details? If you don't, then history won't be about you. I am your history, I will be what books are made of. My face will be on the shirts of your grandkids and great grandkids. My life will be studied, not 5 years from now, not 10 or even 50 but 100 years. My life may not leave its impact now but what I do will leave ripples for generations. You may think I'm egocentric but in reality, the I is many. We are the ones you discourage, the huddled masses you wouldn't accept. We are your future past and present and we will never let you forget.
A short piece.
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June 11, 2013
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