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Don't compromise yourself
A lie I told myself
I'll never listen to those thoughts
I'll just end up with a stomach of knots

Once again I fail
A monument to my arrogance
I am doomed to relive this tale
Due to my incompetence

My major flaw
Is a heart too big
And sticking with people who renege
Leaving me with a dropped jaw

Heart and head in competition
With you at the center
Serving as my newest addiction
And my soul is now a dissenter

Why must I give away so much
For just a subtle touch
A feeling of being alive
Does not allow for so many lies

Deceit and defeat are my companions
On a road lacking in direction
Where all I seek is some affection
I get stuck in these box canyons

A future is what I seek
Even though my future is quite meek
Even though things may look bleak
Isn't it a noble thing to seek?

But again I digress
I crete drama I do confess
Just to feel a bit revived
My life seems to be contrived.

How can anyone love me
When I don't love myself
I want you to set my heart free
But you must watch yourself.
Some new poetry.
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June 11, 2013
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