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Rhyming Rant
Mind a flurry
Not in a hurry
Waiting for the next flight
To take me out of this city
Bright lights sure look pretty
But on further inspection
They begin to look shitty
My mind and words combine into one
As we all sit watching this world become undone
I begin to speculate and try to articulate the
Thoughts that soon begin to manifest
In my own state of the union address
One pointed towards the people in charge
Not talking down to the people at large who
May be out there looking for jobs or
Trying to score something for an addiction
That they use to to feel better about their constructive eviction
Because the ones who make the laws seem to be the best at flapping their jaws
About how we are the ones to blame for
This fucked up game they play with
Our livelihoods and trying to sell your goods
To the next highest bidder
It really makes you reconsider
The facts you hear on the news and it
Makes you feel like singing the blues
Mind a flurry
Not in a hurry
Waiting for the next flight
To take
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Poetry is Hard
This paper is blank
Except for eraser marks
Poetry is hard.
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Reconnecting with my roots
Punk rock and drugs
Sickened by men in suits
Odd looks and shrugs
Irony and hypocrisy
Still a little worker bee
Trying to fight off bureaucracy
A class warrior draftee
Finding beauty in despair
People on their last straw
Deep breaths of poison filled air
Discrimination is a written law
You don't like the view?
Drive fifteen blocks
You can go to the people zoo
The cages have no locks
Jaded in my old age
My old age of twenty two
Quiet and filled with rage
Filled with ideas taboo
Pass me another bottle
Give me another hit
Foot down on the throttle
Listen to more bullshit
Yet my life is not too bad
But that's just one perspective
Despair is just a fad
I'm so fucking introspective
Reexamining my roots
Punk rock and drugs
While sitting with men in suits
Buzzing along with the bugs.
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Lessons in isolation
Life's many lessons
In my mind lessens
Into crude visions
Mental collisions
Success and stress
If success is stress
Then stress is success
Success in recess
Stress in excess
Together conspired
Mental conspiracies abound
My conscience wins this round
Walking around half asleep
Witnessing the hordes of sheep
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Lyrical Therapy
Family breaking
Family shaking
Family bonding
No responding
Consequences not of my choice
Time to start to raise my voice
Conflict of the familia kind
Leaves me feeling utterly blind
Not knowing how to start this act
Things will break, that's a fact
Life is not an easy ride
That is why we try to hide
Don't know where this poem is going
All I know is words keep flowing
Rhythm feeling short and sweet
Ground is moving beneath my feet
Time for me to pass this on
It's your turn to carry on
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Metaphors and Veiled Emotions
Adults acting like children
And children acting like adults
Why such a role reversal
Everyone just looking for results
Life and morals become a dichotomy
Traits and ideas you all share
I'm the only one left who cares
I cannot let slip this mask of deceit
I cannot falter or accept defeat
I cannot let them steal or cheat
I have realized I cannot compete
All these walls are faltering
Like my quivering hand
This house cannot stand
Leave your posts unmanned
For our ship is sinking fast
I am falling from our broken mast
Trying to catch hold of our broken sails
The breaking ship in pain wails
Enough of metaphors and veiled emotions
Ignoring problems is an older notion
A notion that is too foregone
Time to tackle these problems, head on
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A Heart full of Confusion
Don't compromise yourself
A lie I told myself
I'll never listen to those thoughts
I'll just end up with a stomach of knots
Once again I fail
A monument to my arrogance
I am doomed to relive this tale
Due to my incompetence
My major flaw
Is a heart too big
And sticking with people who renege
Leaving me with a dropped jaw
Heart and head in competition
With you at the center
Serving as my newest addiction
And my soul is now a dissenter
Why must I give away so much
For just a subtle touch
A feeling of being alive
Does not allow for so many lies
Deceit and defeat are my companions
On a road lacking in direction
Where all I seek is some affection
I get stuck in these box canyons
A future is what I seek
Even though my future is quite meek
Even though things may look bleak
Isn't it a noble thing to seek?
But again I digress
I crete drama I do confess
Just to feel a bit revived
My life seems to be contrived.
How can anyone love me
When I don't love myself
I want you to set my heart free
But you
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Do you ever think? Do you ever dream? Do you ever think while sitting there with your new tv? While watching that newest tv show or playing that brand new game? Do you ever think? While you buy your new clothes and drool over that new whatever? Do you ever imagine? Imagine what it would be like without those things? A car. A tv. Some clothes. Some food. Do you ever dream dreams of endless frustration about real world problems and not materialistic details? If you don't, then history won't be about you. I am your history, I will be what books are made of. My face will be on the shirts of your grandkids and great grandkids. My life will be studied, not 5 years from now, not 10 or even 50 but 100 years. My life may not leave its impact now but what I do will leave ripples for generations. You may think I'm egocentric but in reality, the I is many. We are the ones you discourage, the huddled masses you wouldn't accept. We are your future past and present and we will never let you forget.
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Pros and Cons
Trying to walk out the door
My feet are stuck to the floor
And I
Cant face another day without you
But I have to
You leave me hanging dry
Out in the cold to die
Say that I'm the one for you
but you still wont let me see you
Every time I try to sleep
I feel our future getting bleak
And I
Have to move on past you
But I don't want to
Your beauty is breathtaking
Your kisses leave me shaking
voice is like cocaine
It is seeping into my brain
Trying to not let you down
But you've already hit the ground
Can't face another day without you
But I have to
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Stars know how I feel
Shining alone in the night
But they are just stars.
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Towers of glass and steel
Monuments of arrogance
Time to hide away
All the proletariat
In distant corners of the city
Lurks an uneasy feeling
People pleading
People fleeing
People begging
People kneeling
Shanties of wood and scrap
Monuments of servility
Time to cast away
All the disagreeable
In distant corners of my city
Lurks a sense of urgent hunger
People pleading
People fleeing
People begging
People kneeling
Towers of glass and steel
Monuments to ignorance
Why must we hide away
All the selfless
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Unconscious Actions
Hidden in my unconscious actions
Amid the endless distractions
Sits an idea so vivid
An idea so clear
That is breaks the bounds of everything
That I hold dear.
I shake it off
Unconsciously nurturing my fears
Feeling the worst has passed
Within an inch of me it passed
But I scoff
How can a man decide
Who to be
In a time of continental divide
Reaching for goals that he sets
Only finding more regrets
Living the life of an absentee
Maybe its over thinking
A dream
A passion
A thing of pure fantasy
Time to shake off
This feeling of sinking
Not so hidden in my conscious actions
Sits a man of many actions
Not plagued by endless distractions
But a man of many interactions
Who is plagued
By his unconscious actions.
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The abyss opens,
Darkness chases through these holes and cracks,
I see myself upside down,
I can't even see the ground.
Weightless I float,
In a sea of misjudgment,
I headed straight for the door,
I thought I'd see you no more.
Meaning is what I found,
Once I finally hit the ground,
And chased away the darkness around me,
But it was too late.
For I let it encompass my soul,
My heart turned a dark red,
As I plummeted further into the black hole,
Then everything felt dead.
A crack of light doesn't appear,
My worst fears come to fruition,
A relentless repetition,
Not everything was so crystal clear.
The abyss will remain open,
Darkness encompassing all that surrounds me,
I cannot see a thing,
I was hanging by a string.
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